17 June 2020

Amazing taste with health benefits: our sweets are now in the chain “Tvoj Dom”

Great news for those who follows a healthy lifestyle chosing tasty and wholesome foods: now you can find our sweets in the chain “Tvoy Dom”.

In our complicated times, more and more people grow careful and attentive to their health preferring only natural products – and we are definitely happy to contribute to this.  The proposed assortment implements the most important nuances of exceptionally tasty and healthy nutrition: our sweets are lean and best for vegans.

Goodies CAN be healthy – proved by us!
Find our sweets at the store healthy food counters and in front of the cashier’s.

06 April 2017

Voli nas voli

Today we signed a contract with Voli, one of the largest retail food store chains in Montenegro. From May 1 our products will start appearing in Voli hypermarkets and supermarkets throughout Montenegro, bringing our high quality products yet closer to our loyal customers.

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