“Sve u cokoladi” company is the only confection manufecturer in Montenegro. Since our foundation in 2015, our products have been acknowledged among the whole spectrum of consumers.

Our products are available in all major regions of Montenegro from coastline to northern mountains. Soon our presents will extend to the markets of former Yugoslav states and beyond, to Hungary, Italy and other European countries.

Young and fast-growing company as we are, we settle the most ambitious goals, which reach far beyond the production of high quality product. We see our mission as the formation of the market of ecologically pure confection with lively, recognizable character, and still aforadable to mass consumer. This goal, the state of art technologies, and our exclusive recipes became the calling card of our business.

In our production we only used the highest quality ingredients and ecologically pure fruits origination from Montenegro. In our technological process the raw material goes through the most rigorous quality assurance, so that we can guarantee exceptional taste and flavor of our confection. All of our products are certified in accordance to international quality standards and Montenegrin regulations. As another mean to ensure the level of quality we obtained the kosher certificate, which means that our production meets the rigorous Jewish Kashrut dietary laws, which deem only the highest quality food fit for consumption.


Kosher Certificate Vegan Certificate Gluten-Free Certificate nassr сертификат

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